Hiring Salespeople

Why Must You Pay Sales People Commission?

Insight & Opinion

I felt a little odd writing that title. It’s a little like asking “Why should you give engineers big monitors?” If you have to ask the question, then you probably won’t understand the answer. The short answer is: don’t, if you don’t want good engineers to work for you; and if they still do, they’ll be less productive. The same is true for sales people and commissions. Read More

Swim To Work

The Man Who Swims To Work Everyday


For over 150 years the river Isar has been used as an important waterway and a key transportation route from Rome to Vienna. Nowadays this tranquil setting in Munich, Germany doesn’t host Roman rafts but Benjamin David, an office worker who commutes a 1.24 mile stretch to avoid the rush hour traffic. Read More

Basecamp Gives It’s Employees £4000 A Year To Go On Holiday

Talent Attraction

If you’ve ever found yourself wishing you had more time off at work, then you’re definitely going to think working at Basecamp sounds like heaven. In fact, the CEO of this small web development company says he wants to offer employees even more perks—but he struggles to think of new ones, because anything they could want has likely already been offered to them. Read More