A Web Developer Walks into a Bar…


A junior developer panicked when he realised he didn’t know how to initiate a secure shell session to a remote machine. As he became more upset and his voice grew louder, his boss — the senior developer — took notice and tried to quiet him down. With his finger pressed to the young developers lips, the senior developer calmly whispered, “SSH.” Read More

Should I Work for Free?

Career Development

Should I Work for Free? – Famed for her silly side projects (of which this has to be one), Illustrator Jessica Hische has put together this detailed and well thought out flow diagram which solves, in a brilliantly blunt and humourous way, Should I Work for Free?Read More

Retaining Employees

Retaining Employees Through Trust, Communication and Culture

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For too long, managers and human resources professionals have approached the issue of employee retention with the question, “How do we make people stay?” While it is a valid question, it is far too simple for approaching the complex reasons that top employees choose to stay with a company and has resulted in far too simplistic solutions that rely on piling on individual material perks instead of fostering business cultures that address employees’ less tangible but far more deeply felt needs.Read More