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We get it, you want great tech candidates without the faff. At Guru we act like your in-house talent team, advertising, sourcing, filtering and screening so you can focus on what you do best.


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If you need good people quickly and for great value, then we can help...

Since 2002, Guru has been the go-to partner for businesses looking to hire top-tier tech talent. From Software Engineers and Project Managers to Data Scientists and CTOs, we fill critical tech roles with exceptional candidates.

Our comprehensive hiring solutions reduce your dependence on traditional recruitment agencies, saving you time and money while ensuring you get the right talent. Those that use Guru describe it as a breath of fresh air.

Combining complete market access with CIPD qualified headhunters expect a service that delivers exclusive applicants to your jobs (unlike an agency who push the best candidates to the highest bidders).

Speak to Guru and let our qualified team take care of your hiring for you.


£43m in Saved Recruitment Fees

200,000 In Saved Hiring Hours

Thousands of Happy Customers

1 Pioneering Approach Since 2002


What our customers say about us...

"The question was how do we hire 20 Developers or more without it costing a fortune in time and recruitment fees. The answer turned out to be Guru. They are brilliant. They helped us with crafting the adverts, placing them where they would work the hardest and filtering the respondents into a perfect list of candidates.

Guru are the evidence that somethings are not too good to be true."

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