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Attracting Elite Minds to a Pinnacle Force in F1 Software Development.

Force India, home to some of the globe's foremost experts in aerodynamics, advanced materials, engineering, and automotive design, entrusted Guru with the mission to bolster their ranks.

In seamless collaboration with the Head of Software Development and our in-house marketing teams, we undertook the challenge of identifying top-tier .NET / C# Software Developers, the architects of the next-generation F1 software applications. Through a blend of targeted advertising, social media engagement, and tailored content, we masterminded a campaign laser-focused on this ultra-niche audience.

Crafting an advertising campaign reinforced by executive search, we generated substantial buzz within the engineering community. The outcome?

A flood of stellar applications, including those from competitors in the competitive F1 arena. All achieved at the fraction of the price of using a traditional agency.


"Guru possess a remarkable knack for sourcing top-tier candidates. There friendly and professional team not only saved us a considerable amount of time but are a valuable resource that spare us from the usual recruitment hassles."

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Force India F1

Head of Software Development

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