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A partnership that has lasted for more than a decade, we've run close to 100 hiring campaigns ensuring IM has remained well stocked with the best industry staff.





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Guru - Specialists in Non Profit Recruitment

Attracting top talent to a European leader in digital advertising.

Running campaigns in over 50 different countries for the likes of Netflix, John Lewis and Waitrose, IM are pioneers in the field of RTB / Programmatic advertising. With high growth strategies they have a consistent need for brilliant people and lots of them.

Combining a mix of passive and active talent attraction solutions, we have built highly successful hiring campaigns designed to target industry professionals (or those with a passion for joining the industry).

The Guru team employed a range of techniques including: LinkedIn headhunting, specialist media placement, performance based job board advertising and database searching to engage with the right candidates. Working to a fixed fee pricing model ensures cost-per-hire ratios remain in the hundereds.

In 2021 Infectious Media was acquired by US Marketing Group Kepler.


"The level of service we get from Guru is excellent, they are a friendly and thorough team who know how to find the best candidates. With a proven track record of delivering good quality candidates quickly they save us a ton of time, money and hassle."

Guru Not For Profit Testimonial

Infectious Media (Now Kepler)

Financial Controller

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