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Attracting top talent to a European leader in programmatic advertising.

Running campaigns in over 50 different countries for the likes of Netflix, John Lewis and Waitrose, IM are pioneers in the field of RTB / Programmatic advertising. Rapidly expanding, they need brilliant people and lots of them… Step in Guru.

Working across a diverse array of positions spanning Analysts, Data Engineers, Devops, Programmers, Account Managers, Product Managers, Marketing Execs and Graduates, we created a bespoke advertising campaign for each assignment.   After defining a brief the Guru team would create an optimised advert, hand-select the correct media, manage all filtering and provide insight back to the IM team.

Working with Infectious Media since 2012 we have introduced more than 950 relevant candidates to the IM team, whilst saving countless resourcing hours and huge expense compared to other hiring methods.

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