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Guru - Specialists in Non Profit Recruitment

Since 2011 McCANN has partnered with Guru running over 100 hiring campaigns.

Understanding the effectiveness of good advertising better than anyone, McCANN use Guru for our managed advertising approach. These hiring campaigns target active candidates from a broad network of sources including social media, job boards, aggregators as well as our owned channels.

Our process always starts by understanding what the ideal candidate looks like, once we know this we build a targeted campaign optimised for the correct keywords and engaging enough to drive high levels of interest and applications.

The key to any successful campaign is in the management, our experienced AMs pull the hiring together, coordinating the filtering, ensuring ad visibility and advising on performance and changes.

As a thriving business many campaigns will result in multiple hires, our fixed fee charging structure means excellent cost-per-hires ratios (typically around 2%).


"I cannot recommend Guru enough, their service is effective both in terms of cost and time. Going over and above a standard service, they provide expert advice on both advert wording as well as identifying the best and most successful sites to post ads on.

Unlike many other similar services, they have knowledge of the creative and media industries. In a relatively short space of time, Guru has become an integral part of our resourcing strategy and a valued business partner, providing excellent support across a number of disciplines. "

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