This Design Job Title Generator Will Give You A Job Title Like No Other

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Design Job Titles

According to The Truth About Design Titles 90% of today’s design job titles didn’t exist 5 years ago. Pseudo Design Titles is a fun new website that aims to create a few more…

The brainchild of designers Xtian Miller (Attaché of Brutal Design Intel) and Boris Crowther (Ethical UI Scientist), Pseudo Design Titles is a satirical job title generator for Designers seeking a job title like no other.

Coining titles such as “Padawan of Appeal” and “Writer for Indeterminate Prototyping and Front-End Belief” each time you hit the space bar you get a different title, there are literally millions of different combinations. It’s really good fun!

The site was inspired by articles such as The Truth About Design Titles, Everyone is a Lead and Silicon Valley Job Title Generator and it’s clear that both Xtian and Boris have a sense of humour as they lovingly poke fun at the creative sector.

You can check out Pseudo Design Titles yourself but here are a few of our favourites: