Sometimes We Just Have “Enough”

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Enough of Work

Enough is a beautifully created stop motion film that follows a series of characters as they snap during everyday occurrences. Featuring frustrating board meetings, demanding customers and that annoying feeling of just missing the bus, this short animation perfectly epitomises the saying “I’m having one of those days”.

Enough is the creation of London based Swedish Director and Animator Anna Mantzaris. The short was produced during her first year at the Royal College of Art where she graduated earlier this year.

“I wanted to have quite soft and sympathetic characters, to contrast with the less soft actions,” Anna explained to Directors Notes. “I also liked them to feel a bit awkward and uncomfortable, just as we can feel sometimes in social situations. I also wanted it to feel a bit grey and boring, to enhance the feeling of an everyday life that we sometimes want to break out from.”

Anna recently worked on Wes Anderson’s Isle of Dogs and has won numerous awards for her films including the Walt Disney Award for Best Graduation Film and the Audience Award at Ottawa International Animation Festival. For her other films, check out her website here.