Pop Up Offices Are All The Rage


Pop Up Offices seem to be a new craze right now. Those that sign-up receive location details of unique pop up venues in random outside city locations, this could be in a park, on a rooftop terrace, or even a boat. This could catch on!

Picture the scene, it’s Summer you’re in a stuffy office struggling to finish off that important sprint for a new code release and then Ping, you get a text message saying new pop up office just opened on a barge cruising the canals. Yes Please! What a great initiative, all the benefits of your office, Wifi, power, tables, chairs etc. but with the added bonus of networking, collaborations and outdoor locations, pretty inspiring.

Popices in Amsterdam seem to be leading the way in Europe, aiming their services at Designers, Developers, Freelancers and Maker types, however Outbox recently launched a similar service in the US. We’ve not heard of a London initiative yet but we’ll keep you posted!

Pop Up Offices Map

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