There is Such a Thing as a Job For Life and it can be Found in Sweden

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Eternal Employment Installation Sweden

In 2025 the “Eternal Employment” art installation will be uncovered as part of the refurbished Korsvägen train station development. The eternal employment project is hiring one employee with one responsibility – to turn the lights on each morning.

Famed for combining real world economics with physical displays, Swedish artists Simon Goldin and Jakob Senneby have collaborated to produce the eternal employment project. Using investment from
Public Art Agency Sweden and the Swedish Transport Administration the Eternal Employment Foundation have raised the huge funds needed to pay the forever employee (an annual wage in line with Swedish government workers for around 120 years).

Each morning, the chosen employee will punch a clock in Korsvägen train station (currently under construction in Gothenburg, Sweden), which will turn on a bank of bright fluorescent lights. This is the only responsibility – “the position holds no duties or responsibilities besides the fact that the work should be carried out at Korsvägen. Whatever the employee chooses to do constitutes the work,” reads the job description. The employee can basically do what they like after the one duty has been carried out, they can also choose how publicly visible or anonymous they would like to be while “on the clock”.


The vacancy is open to anyone in the world, and the board of trust is an equal opportunities employer. When the employee retires or chooses to leave, the board will select another.

When the time comes you can apply for the role here (not live yet), and it will be posted in the build-up to the launch of the new Korsvägen station in 2025.