This Airbnb Holiday Home Comes With A Free Bookshop Job

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Nestled into the pristine lowlands, “The Open Book” is a charming bookshop and holiday home set in the heart of Wigtown, Scotland’s National Book Town. Here you can live your dream of having your very own bookshop by the sea in Scotland…for a week or two.

Touted as the first ever bookshop holiday / residency experience, The Open Book gives residents their very own bookshop, holiday apartment and 40 hour work week. Supported by a team of friendly volunteers and bookshop sellers, residents are encouraged to promote their stay and update the company blog.

Those deciding on this ‘working holiday’ can expect regular bookseller duties including opening and locking up, liaising with customers, stocking shelves and creating window displays.

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Set up by The Wigtown Festival Company, the bookshop residency’s aim is to celebrate bookshops, encourage education in running independent bookshops and welcome people around the world to Scotland’s National Book Town. A laptop and WiFi is provided, plus bicycles for those who like to explore the bucolic countryside on two wheels!

Amazing Views of Scotland's Low Lands

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