This Brilliant LEGO Calendar Syncs With Google

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Combining a love for LEGO with a passion for organising, London based design agency, Vitamins, took it upon themselves to create the ultimate in augmented reality office calendars…

Invented by Vitamins for their busy Shoreditch studio, the LEGO calendar is a wall mounted time planner that when photographed with a smartphone syncs all the events and timings with an online, digital calendar.

Here’s how it works, each row represents a month and every column a day of the week, each project is a different colour with each brick representing half a day spent on that particular project. To define who is working on what, each employee has their very own customisable LEGO piece.

Lego Calendar 4

Here is what Adrian Westaway, the studio’s director of technology has to say: “It was quite an iterative process, trying to find the right balance between physical and digital, on one side you needed something big and clear that humans would like to use and look at–and on the other you needed something that was computer-readable and ordered.” Lego, he says, offered the perfect compromise: bright, fun blocks that were fun for humans and consistent enough for computers.

Lego Calendar 5

Lego Calendar 6

Lego Calendar 7

Lego Calendar 8

“We’ve been using this for almost a year now, and it’s incredible how everyone in the studio has been able to make use of it so quickly. We’ve evolved a new understanding of what a LEGO brick means to us – sometimes people hide emergency blocks of “time” in their drawers in case we need extra work done last minute, and we’ve started using double height bricks to represent deadlines and important meetings”

Lego Calendar 2