5 Summer Hiring Myths Everyone Thinks Are True

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Summer Hiring Tips

These summer hiring myth-busters will ensure you don’t get sucked into the misconception that if the sun’s out the candidates aren’t.

Jobseekers are waiting until after Summer

With ample opportunity to take time off, avoid the senior management team and search for new opportunities (at work), the summer is actually a superb time for jobseekers.

Remember your target audience – not everyone has kids and wants to go away during the most expensive holiday time of the year.

Candidates are less motivated to move jobs

Imagine you hate your job, after returning from your amazing holiday what is the first thing you are likely to do? You guessed it – look for a new job more motivated than ever!

Job adverts don’t get seen

There is actually less competition for candidates as most companies have the misconception it is a slow period so hold off their advertising. The smart companies take advantage of this. Plus candidates respond to job alerts whilst on holiday.

You won’t be able to get hold of candidates

It’s the 21st century, everyone is switched on 24/7 these days so this is no longer an excuse. Candidates are often way more relaxed on holiday and far more open to respond to exciting life-changing moments.

“I won’t fill my job in the summer”

The summer feel-good-factor means candidates are positive, productive and more likely to accept your exciting new job offer! Plus isn’t it better to interview candidates in the daylight and outside enjoying a cold drink!

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