7 Ways To Grab Yourself The Best Graduate

Recruitment Advice

As the graduate hiring market starts to hot up, we’ve put together these 7 pointers to make sure you’re well prepared for this year’s seasonal hiring rush…

1. Don’t just consider those with the best grades.

Speaking in the Spectator, Rory Sutherland, the Vice Chairman of Ogilvy, explains how hiring graduates with a 2:2 or a Third can provide a whole new dimension of candidate.

2. Cover the basics.

It may sound obvious, but assess basic numeracy and literacy skills.  The results from these tests could just end up deciding who you hire.

3. Be clear about future progression.

The most ambitious graduates look for a defined career path and skills development opportunities.  Be clear with what the future holds.

4. Keep an eye out for passion!

Test results and academic scores can only tell you so much. Sometimes drive, determination and passion trumps all.  Look out for these ones!

5. Sell your company.

Get competitive!  We’re in peak graduate hiring season and your best candidates are having other interviews with your competitors.  Sell your company and move quickly to hire the ones you like.

6. Connect at their level.

Use Twitter and Facebook to engage with grads on a medium familiar to them.  This approach can help your candidates build a bigger picture of your business and is also likely to drive interest from other like-minded graduates from within their network.

7. Keep in touch.

Today’s also-rans could be the champions of tomorrow. Be sure to connect with everyone on LinkedIn in order to build a positive employer brand and strong following for your organisation.

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