This London Agency Builds A Giant Ball Pit. Jump In!


Pearlfisher Ball Pit

When faced with over-demanding clients, high workloads and the odd boring meeting, work can sometimes get a bit stressful, right? To counter act this problem, Pearlfisher, a creative agency with offices in London and New York temporarily brought in 81,000 white balls, converting one of their studio spaces into a giant “stress-relieving” ball pit…

Pearlfisher Ball Pit 3

Pearlfisher Ball Pit 2

Pearlfisher Ball Pit 5

Pearlfisher Ball Pit 4

Karen Welman, the firm’s founding creative partner, explains more… “The idea was to create an interactive installation that promotes the power of play”. “People have been having energizing plays in the morning before work and on breaks, and we have also been holding meetings and brainstorms in the balls”

Welman thinks that’s evidence that we need to rethink how adults unwind from the stress of work.

“Play provides emotional and physical outlets and this is just as necessary for adults as it is for kids,” she says. “Arguably adult play time does exist, it has just been re-branded as happy hour, or in the form of relaxation initiatives such as spas or sport. But this kind of release and relaxation can also be found in its purest form in simple and childlike playtime activities.”

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