This Beautiful Employee Organisational Chart Is 160 Years Old

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Tasked with reducing train wrecks and delays across the New York & Erie Railroad, Daniel McCallum was given the responsibility to shake up management structures to improve safety and efficiency on the railways.

Introducing new management methods, communication protocols (using the telegraph) and employee organisational structures McCallum produced something way ahead of his time with this employee organisational chart of sheer beauty…


Read from the bottom upwards, McCallum’s chart starts with the 18 board members who are responsible for overseeing the complete railway network.

Board of Directors Employee Organisational Chart

Each of the 18 upward branches represents a separate railway line with the different employees needed along the way.

Beautiful Employee Infographics

Daniel McCallum (1815 – 1878) – Superintendent of the New York & Erie Railroad, early pioneer of employee management structures and information design and widely credited for developing the first modern organisational chart.