Employees Encouraged To Chase Thrills At Fox Inc’s New HQ


Based on the outskirts of LA in Irvine, CA. Action Sports apparel giants Fox Head Inc teamed up with Clive Wilkinson Architects to convert an 82,000 sq ft warehouse into an open, creative environment where employees can “chase thrills” with a selection of outdoor dirt tracks.

From the outside, the building is been designed to look like a “futuristic bike helmet” yet once you enter through the angular red corridor you are greeted with a street like complex complete with trees, benches and offices arranged off smaller side streets. Housing 300 employees staff are encouraged to work around the campus and make full use of the facilities which includes three outdoor tracks.

As Wilkinson puts it “the emphasis on the outdoors lets employees live the brand”.

Fox Head Inc - Collaborative Working

Fox Head Inc - Entrance Corridor

Fox Head Inc - Entrance

Fox Head Inc - Meet up

Fox Head Inc - Meeting Room

Fox Head Inc - Office Space

Fox Head Inc - Open Areas

Fox Head Inc - Outdoor Space

Fox Head Inc - Outdoors

Fox Head Inc - Warehouse Office

Fox Head Inc - Zebra

Fox Head Inc - Bathroom