Executive Toys For The Uber-Stressed Office Worker

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Executive Toys

Sometimes we all just have enough, so Industrial design student Keyi Chen has created a playful collection of executive toys aimed at the uber-stressed modern office worker.

Since the 1950’s office workers have been filling their desks with playful distractions and toys. Early examples include The Magic 8 Ball, The Drinking Bird and Newton’s Cradle.

With a theme geared towards stress relief, Keyi Chen (who hails from London’s Central Saint Martins‘) has re-imagined the Executive Toy for the 21st Century modern office worker. Producing 6 executive toy prototypes all items are designed to give the user a moment of consideration and a few seconds to just relax and unwind in the busy world we live.

Watch the video here:

In her own words “the project aims to alleviate stress by actively and encouraging play at your office desk whilst working within tense and competitive environments”. Hats off to Chen who completed the project using a 3D printer and bespoke electronics.