I’m Generally Pretty Useless

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“I’m generally pretty useless” is an excellent cover letter we received showcasing how this creative advertising copywriter used his talents to get noticed, enjoy…

I’m generally pretty useless…

This is not false modesty or being clever – it’s a fact.

I can’t drive, I own no property, have no kids, no real savings, I’m not married, I’m short and..um..’big boned’ (certainly not what your average Marie-Claire reader is dreaming about).

In fact the only thing that has kept me from spending my life aggressively waving a paper cup at passers-by (while swearing and blowing spit into a harmonica) is my work.

I am an Advertising Copywriter. And (luckily for me) this I AM good at.

As you will see, I have what most consider a very good book of work and a shed-load of awards (inc three Cannes Lions) to back up my boasting.

I have more ideas in a morning than most do in month and more importantly, they’re creative ideas that win awards.

I was a group head and company director at Saatchi & Saatchi London and am currently on the board of the Kinsale Sharks – www.kinsalesharks.com

My work has in the main been for integrated agencies (TV/print/cinema/radio) but I have embraced digital as I would embrace ANY new (ie: extra) avenue of creativity.

I understand it’s impossible to decide whether people are the ‘right’ people by reading “I’m great” letters (because everyone’s got one) so would suggest a three minute phone call (and a look at my work!) might be more illuminating.

I think I’m a friendly, outgoing, affable sort who gets on with more or less everyone, but can get very ‘into’ my work (it’s the one thing that keeps me from flogging Big Issue so I’m serious about it). Basically, I want the place I work for to be talked about because it produces sensational work – work that the public (and the industry) notice and respond positively to.

And…um…that’s about it really.

So if you’re looking for multiple orgasms or a mortgage or a serious relationship or someone to make a really nice green salad with warm chicken livers, not much point in calling me.

Thank you for your consideration,
best of luck.