Hot Wheels Design Studio


Is it any surprise that the design offices of Mattel’s Hot Wheels division are stocked full of actual vehicle designers? After all, why spend a year of your life working on perfecting a Mondeo bumper when you can churn out countless hot rods, dragsters, and supercars? The folks at Cool Hunting got a sneak peek at what goes into designing Hot Wheels toys, and not surprisingly, it looks like a pretty wonderful gig.

Every year Hot Wheels adds roughly 240 vehicles to its lineup, in addition to race tracks, stunt jumps, and countless other wonderful accessories. And designing vehicles is of course way more fun when you don’t have to worry about crash safety regulations or including room for groceries. And the fact that the designers actually get to race their creations at the office should have many designers-in-training rethinking their aspirations.

Amazing Hot Wheels Track at their Californian Office