How to Work Better: A New York Mural

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Based on the corner of East Houston Street and Mott Street the Guggenheim have collaborated with the Public Art Fund, artist Peter Fischli, and Guggenheim curators Nancy Spector and Nat Trotman, to create this awesome 50 foot tall inspiration.

Located in Downtown Manhattan, New York, an iconic mural “How to Work Better” towers over the streets. This ten-point list has been re-printed in many different formats over the years, and is a staple amongst design studios up and down the country.  This 50 foot mural is a the largest adaptation of Peter Fischli’s work.

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Peter Fischli David Weiss, How to Work Better, 1991. Screenprint on paper, 149.5 x 102.5 cm, unlimited edition © Peter Fischli and David Weiss