Should I Work for Free?

Career Development

Should I Work for Free? – Famed for her silly side projects (of which this has to be one), Illustrator Jessica Hische has put together this detailed and well thought out flow diagram which solves, in a brilliantly blunt and humourous way, Should I Work for Free?

It appears that Illustrators are no strangers to these types of questions (Kelli Anderson’s paper calculation wheel Should I Take that Job?), click Jessica’s flow diagram below to enlarge.

Should I Work for Free

Working for Free

Residing in California, Jessica Hische boasts an impressive client list that includes: Penguin Books, Tiffany & Co., OXFAM, American Express, Nike and Samsung (to name a few), and accolades such as being named in Forbes’ 30 under 30, twice. The above flow diagram is available to buy in print here.