Showcase Your Company’s Positive Culture With An Optimised Team Page

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Team Culture

A ‘Team Page’ serves multiple functions for a business, but at its core, it plays a vital role in your recruitment strategy – and neglecting to have one for your own site could be detrimental to your recruitment efforts. 

A well-curated team page showcases your company culture and demonstrates that your staff  are valued and enjoy working there. Projecting a positive company culture image attracts top talent and highlights that the people in your business are professional and passionate about their work. Therefore, having a great team page is essential for your recruitment strategy and this is how to optimise it for the best results. 

Showcase your company culture

Your company culture says so much about your business – the values and attitudes you and your team share, the goals you’re working towards, the practices that you operate to reach those goals, and so much more. Combined, these elements constitute the organisation as a whole. But, it’s not just your staff that want to know about these factors. It’s also of interest to your customers and those interested in working for you. Finding a way to share your healthy company culture online is what will set you apart from others in the market. 

That’s where your team page can speak volumes. It provides a place to give narrative to the business and reflect on the people that make the business what it is. Through carefully considered language, such as “I” and “we”, you can help your business come across as more personable which makes your brand and business a more appealing prospect for potential applicants. 

Tailor statements on your team page to highlight why your staff enjoy working for the business and the elements of the company culture that resonate with them specifically, as these could be the key factors that attract prospective applicants. 

Put a face to a name

Faceless organisations lack trust and it can be hard to connect with a business if you can’t put a face to the brand. Perhaps your staff are young, innovative creatives, or maybe you’re a more formal business and the company is made up of experienced business professionals with many years of industry expertise behind them. 

Using images of real employees online will help people understand your brand and workplace culture in a way that stock photos won’t. Realistic images are the most effective way to convey emotion, personality and uniqueness. Your choice of images is important as is the position of staff presented on the team page. By selecting the right staff photos and designing a personalised team page, you also have the chance to tell the authentic story of your business in a visual way. 

The team at MPB believe that the key to enhancing visual storytelling online is by perfecting the art of composition, with “a dash of colour, an interplay of interesting light or use of a secondary subject can add dynamism to the image. Using the space around the subject can also add to the story, balancing your shot and giving it more context – turning a good image into a great one”. 

Motifmotion are in agreement, stating that “when you use storytelling to make people feel, it’s much more likely they will remember your message. Through stories, you can help your clients, prospective customers and tribe followers feel connected to your brand”. When attracting talent or customers, putting forward this level of personality and character can make all the difference to how you’re perceived, and your staff are integral to those stories. 

Recognise the key contributors

Your business depends on its staff to run, to reach its goals and scale up. Sharing your culture online not only displays the values that the business holds, but it also provides leaders with an opportunity to celebrate its staff and showcase their role in the business. A well-designed team page gives you the chance to truly acknowledge the talented team you have built in your workforce, from the qualifications and experience they bring to the table to the personal achievements they’ve collected over the years. 

It’s a chance to highlight what key members of the team have achieved since working for the business too, from skills they’ve gained to promotions and how their careers have progressed. For a potential applicant looking to grow their career, being able to see how people in the organisation have worked their way up the career ladder can be incredibly inspiring, and shows that a role within your business will benefit them on their own career path.  

Optimising your online staff culture

There are multiple ways to showcase your company culture online, from those we’ve explored here to playing with design and layouts that speak to the culture you want to portray to your audience. When you’re sharing features of your staff culture, always think about the tone you want to set, whether that’s the style of the images you put out to the language you use and the fonts and colours you pick. 

Keep it authentic – people can spot fake content a mile away, so make sure that what you’re sharing online, whether on socials, in emails or your own website, is true to your business. According to a LinkedIn study, “candidates trust the company’s employees 3x more than the company to provide credible information on what it’s like to work there”. So, if you want to improve recruitment potential for your business, it starts with your existing staff. 

Company culture is infused into your business, in how people feel about the work they’re doing every day and the values they believe in. When it comes to attracting top talent, and retaining the great staff you have, you want to be sure that you’re projecting the right image, and sharing elements of your staff culture online is a great way to do that. An optimised team page that puts your staff front and centre and promotes the work you’re doing can work wonders in attracting like-minded people who may be able to bring valuable skills and experience to the business.