The Last Commute – The Ghost Train to Ruislip


Ghost Train Commuting Service

The London Paddington // South Ruislip // High Wycombe train (also touted as London’s loneliest train service) is about to cease services. This ‘ghost train’ service runs once daily during the week and isn’t even advertised on timetables.

Classed as a parliamentary service (which means the railway operator only runs the train to keep the line open) it attracts very few riders.  Any commuters who might think these savings will be passed on are mistaken as it was also announced today that fares are set to increase by 3.1% in the New Year.  A double whammy for commuters.

Here is a short video of the train running in 2015 (C/O the Londonist)

The Last Commute…

Friday 7 December 2018 (final day):

South Ruislip depart 10:57; arrives Paddington 11:26
Paddington depart 11:35; arriving High Wycombe 12:30 All change please.