ThinkPARALLAX Gives Employees £1000 To Travel The World

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As a way of inspiring creativity amongst its employees, Californian based creative agency, ThinkPARALLAX hands out nearly £1000 to each of its staff and tells them to travel the world!

As any creative person will tell you, sitting in an office all day every day isn’t a great way to yield inspiration. It comes from new experiences, immersing yourself in different cultures and meeting new people.

ThinkPARALLAX actually give their employees £1000 for effectively a cool holiday, although there are a few stipulations: Employees have to go somewhere they’ve never been before, the destination has to be outside of their comfort zone in some way, and they have to go between September and December.


The owners of the agency explain… “We continue to travel at least once a year, finding that the experience is transformative and allows us to see things from a different perspective, rather than send employees to conferences or a local museum, we thought, what if our whole team is ‘forced’ to travel to a place they’ve never been, to immerse themselves in a new culture and gather inspiration? […] We know that this relatively small investment in each of our employees will have lasting effects not only on their work, but also on their lives outside the office.”