These Vintage Work Safety Posters Will Scare You To Death


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Browsing the archives of Memory of the Netherlands we stumbled across these terrifying vintage work safety posters…

The posters, which represent over 50 years of health and safety, are mostly terrifying, but each is also pretty gorgeous in its own way — much better than the inspirational or warning posters floating around offices today…

1975-Frans-Mettes 1973-Frans-Mettes2 1973-Frans-Mettes 1972 1967 1952-1953-Dick-Harders 1950-N-Olthuis 1942-Hans-Bolleman2 1942-Hans-Bolleman 1940-Drik-de-Leeuw 1939-E.Lukcs 1927-1928-Albert-Hahn 1925-1949-Evert-Mllenkamp 1925-1926-illus-Willem-Papenhuyzen