New Survey: Employees Aren’t Interested In Flashy Job Perks

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Although new-age corporate amenities sound amazing it seems that employees are just not impressed with cool and flashy job perks and offices. New research suggests that well-being is the main priority with healthy food choices, fitness facilities, standing desks and technology-based health tools high on the benefit agenda.

Workplace Wellbeing

In a recent workplace wellness study, 1,601 working professionals from across a variety of corporate office environments were polled with the results demonstrating that employees were literally looking for the basics which is a healthy and comfortable working environment.

As it turns out more than two-thirds of employees said “that a workplace that supported and enhanced their health and well-being would encourage them to accept a job offer (67 percent)—or to stay at their current job (69 percent).”

Employers it seems are starting to take note, with the theory behind this being happy, healthy employees are the most productive, and that a happy, healthy professional atmosphere attracts and keeps top talent.

Top workplace wellness perks in order of popularity were air quality, good lighting and good water quality.

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“The research shows that employer health and wellness efforts fall short despite company investments in on-site gyms, ergonomics, and healthy food choices,” says Jeanne Meister, a founding partner of Future Workplace. “It’s the invisible factors such as air quality and access to natural light that are often overlooked, yet provide the greatest influence on workplace wellness, employee productivity, and the overall quality of the employee experience.”

Are we entering the age of customisable workplace environments?

Imagine being able to fully customise your working setup, from temperature to light, sound and beyond. 48% of employees surveyed said they’d love to have these choices.

“Employees expect their workplace environment and experience to be as good as their consumer experience. From thermostats controlled by apps to integrated home entertainment controls to virtual assistants like Alexa and Google, people experience an increasing level of technology and personalisation in their home every day.”

So before you book everyone into that team-building weekend away to Barcelona, perhaps you should conduct a quick poll first to see if employees might prefer a Kale salad or Yoga sessions.