The World’s Tallest Bike Is One Crazy Commuting Machine

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World's Tallest Bike

Meet Richie Trimble, a thrill seeking cycling fanatic, whose regular average Joe bike rides quickly turned into a game of who could build bigger and better bicycles.

Standing at a world record breaking height of 6.15 meters (20 ft 2.5 in), Trimble rode his “StoopidTaller” over 100m to claim the title of the world’s tallest rideable bicycle.

When asked why do you do this? Trimble answered, “I do it to see people smile. You can’t help but make someone laugh when you’re riding a bike that’s over six meters tall. From that height, you can see people laughing, pointing, and smiling from a distance. It’s almost like a high—maybe it’s the altitude,” chuckled record breaker Trimble.


And what is next? Trimble is already hard at work planning another world record breaker.