Brexit Poll: Employers Predict 8% Headcount Growth

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One month on from Britain’s vote to leave the EU Guru asked its audience to complete a short survey to discover future hiring predictions, optimism and more based on the Brexit result.

Obtaining feedback from 354 participants covering both employers and employees within the Marketing, Creative, Technology, Media and Finance Sectors our aim was to review the general mood of UK businesses 4 weeks after the Brexit vote had been announced.

Segmenting the audience into those with hiring responsibilities and those without we compared the predictions of each data set alongside company sector, company size and optimism levels.

The Audience

Brexit Recruitment Poll Audience

How They Voted

Brexit Voting Amongst Businesses

Voting patterns were in line with other industry research (business leaders hope for remain).

Mood Swing

We found that when comparing the pre vs post brexit moods of the voters it highlighted a swing of 1.72 points towards pessimism for work now.

Brexit Optimism Among Businesses

Those with hiring responsibilities within the Finance sector appeared unfazed by the result whilst the Design & Creative sectors were the most pessimistic of all the sectors.

Brexit Optimism

Those without hiring responsibilities showed the biggest fall in confidence whereas Directors /  Owners, Hiring Managers and HR Recruiters appeared less fazed and more optimistic overall, in fact this stat was consistent regardless of company sector.

Brexit Optimism 2

Optimistic Employers

77% of all employers expected their headcount to either stay the same or increase over the next 6 months.  Overall this represents an 8% growth rate.

Brexit Hiring Predictions Hiring Staff

55% of those with hiring responsibilities within the Media & Publishing sector were expecting headcount to grow before the end of the year. The Design & Creative sector were the most pessimistic on growth.

Brexit Hiring Predictions 2

Those without hiring responsibilities paint a different picture, growth optimism within the Media & Publishing sector is now one of the lowest.  Finance employees are also predicting a significant reduction in growth.

Brexit Hiring Predictions

Business Owners / Directors within companies that have less than 50 employees appear to be the most cautious regarding growth.

Hiring Predictions By Company Size 2

43% of employees within the largest companies (those without hiring responsibilities) predicted a headcount decrease for the next 6 months. Whilst those who fall within the 11 > 500 employee range predicted an overall headcount increase.

Hiring Predictions By Company Size


Those with hiring responsibilities remain widely more optimistic than those without (predicting an 8% growth in headcount over the next 6 months).  Of all the business sectors those within Design & Creative were the least optimistic of them all, equally smaller businesses (less than 50 employees) were also the most cautious.

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