15 Superb CV Examples To Get You Noticed

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CV Examples

Job hunting is ultra competitive, so to help you stand-out we’ve put together this collection of the best CV Examples to inspire you to create your own stunning CV / Resume and to upgrade your job search.

Employers often receive hundreds of CVs for their positions, therefore you need to ensure your PDF CV Doc cuts through the noise and makes your future employer stand-up and take notice. We’ve researched the following 15 Superb CV Examples (many of which you can actually download) to give you inspiration and make that next job application really count! Don’t underestimate what a high quality CV can do for you.

15 of the Best CV Examples…

1. // This professional dark blue CV is concise, clean and ultra original. You can download this Professional Word Resume here.

Blue CV Example, Professional CV Example
Professional CV Example 1

2. // This simple yet stylish CV features a sleek layout with red touches, the white space and clean lines creates a really impactful word doc. Download and Edit the Word Version here.

Simple CV example for business professionals
Professional CV Example 2

3. // Favoring a graphical approach, this simple CV example by Nico S. Lopez is a great demonstration on how to use graphs and charts to make a point. If you are a creative type this might be right up your street.

Creative CV Example
Creative CV Example 3

4. // Taking a quirkier approach Martijn mixes an array of different colours and patterns to demonstrate his trade as a Graphic Designer. We wouldn’t recommend this type of CV example for permanent positions but it creates an eye-catching design for freelance roles.

Creative CV Example
Creative CV Example 4

5. // This stand-out CV features a nice balance of text and graphics all wrapped up in a very professional design. There is plenty of space for text and includes a nice editable image banner. Download this Creative CV Template.

Modern CV example with photo and unique design
Professional CV Example 5
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6. // Featured on the publishing network Issuu, Pecky Tan (Yui) has created a really comprehensive 74 page portfolio and CV example in PDF to demonstrate her full skill set. Scroll through her gorgeous work in its entirety here.

Creative CV & Portfolio Example
Creative CV & Portfolio Example 6

7. // This professional 2 page example of a CV offers a formal approach yet still maintains an element of interest with the clean lines. A modern yet traditional doc which also comes with a matching Cover Letter Design. You can download this resume template template here.

2 page CV for C-Level Execs, Professional CV Template
Professional CV Example 7

8. // This CV example mirrors a design common among architects and engineers, it includes additional space on the right to highlight Key Projects. This CV example would also be a good match for those in Project Management and Co-ordination roles. Download this professional Word Resume here.

Architect CV
Professional Resume Example 8

9. // Staying on the Architect theme, this CV example includes a novel way to display experience by using bold headers with just a short amount of top line information. It’s a simple CV but effective.

Architect CV Example
Architect CV Example 9

10. // This 2 page resume template includes a floral theme and is a softer design than those we’ve already covered. We could see this CV example at home with candidates in the fashion, horticultural, photography or marketing spheres. Download this professional CV Design for Word here.

Floral CV example, female CV example with flowers.
Professional CV Design 10

11. // This CV example offers a neat contrast of colours and designs but still makes all the information accessible and easy to read. Clear headers and simple top line information make this a nice design.

Simple CV Design Example
Simple CV Design Example 11

12. // This is a really different design and one we don’t see very often. It’s interesting to see an international flavour and how resumes from around the world differ. Perhaps not one you should consider using but interesting none the less.

Interesting CV Example
Interesting CV Example 12

13. // Following along the international theme, the below CV example uses pops of color and a textured background to really stand-out. You can view this and more like it on our Creative CV Pinterest Board.

CV Example
CV Example 13

14. // Another CV example from a Graphic Designer, The below example demonstrates a neat use of colour to differentiate the sections in the CV. We’re aware this design is not for everybody but it’s a cool example none the less.

Colourful CV Example
Colourful CV Example 14

15. // Using a combination of Gold and Dark Green this CV is a beautiful elegant example of what can be achieved in Word. Formal in appearance, this design is best suited to more senior level, C-suite positions or professional industries such as finance, IT, Banking etc. Download and Edit the Word Version here.

CV for a financial controller in green and gold. CV, Finance CV, Green and White CV, Green CV
Professional CV Example 15

We hope these CV examples have inspired you to upgrade your job search and produce a stand-out document for yourself. A professional use of templates, layouts and designs will give you the upper hand on other job seekers using basic Arial and Times New Roman plain designs.

If you still need further inspiration and wish to see more CV examples be sure to check out: 13 Slick and Highly Professional CV Templates | 12 Brilliant CV Designs You’ll Want To Steal | 17 Awesome Examples of Creative CVs | 43 Modern Resume Templates – Happy Job Hunting 🙂

Article Updated: 15/07/2022