43 Modern Resume Templates (From MS Word to Beyond)

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Job hunting can be super tough at times without the stress of having to think about what your CV is going to look like, well, hopefully this collection of ultra modern resume templates will provide you with the inspiration you need to design the perfect Word doc.

Resumes / CVs can come in all shapes and sizes (as we’ve discovered over the years: Super Mario CV17 Awesome Examples of Creative CVs | The Skateboard CV). This list is our most definitive yet, the biggest collection of modern resume templates to date, so kick back with a coffee and enjoy now or bookmark under resume inspiration for later…

From the uber-graphical to the ultra sophisticated (including some MS Word versions you can download) we’ve handpicked the following designs to give you the creative inspiration you need to go out there and get noticed, happy job hunting!

Modern Resume Templates
Modern Resume Template

Download this Modern Word Resume Template

Professional CV Template

Download this Professional Resume Template

Creative Resume Profile

The above template is a really interesting design, it follows someones journey through a series of pictures.  This would make a great application to a creative opening.  Need to be very handy with a pen and pencil to pull this one off.

2 Page Creative Resume Template

We love the clean lines and pop of colour with this one, you can also download this Resume Template

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Minimalistic Resume Design

View the full Resume Design here

Creative CV Template
Colourful Resume Template

Beautifully modern this one. View the full project on Behance

High Impact Resume Template

Really gorgeous CV Template this one. Download this Resume Template

Infographic CV Template

Resume Template
Timeline Resume
Web Developer CV Template

Perfect for tech roles, this template is modern and inline with the profession.

Download this Web Developer Resume Template for Word

Simple Resume Template
Illustrator Resume

Discover the full Curriculum Vitae on Behance

Modern Resume Template

This CV lends itself perfectly to accomplished professionals.  The dark blue and gold look is great!

Download this Modern Resume Template

Iceberg Resume Template
Resume Template

View this Resume on Behance

CV Template
Graphical CV Template

View this Resume on Behance

Circle of Life CV
Creative Resume Template

View This Creative Resume Template for Word Here

Designer Resume Template

View this Resume on Behance

Bright Resume Design

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Single Page Professional CV

Download this Professional Resume Template

Clean Resume Design
Beautiful Resume Layout
Resume Cover Page
Minimalistic CV Design
Personal Identity

View the full personal identity project on Behance

Resume Design
CV Design
Graphical CV Design
Super Mario CV - Level 4
Super Mario CV - Level 3
Super Mario CV - Level 2
Marketing Resume Template
Brilliant Resume Designs
Typed CV
Single Page Resume Template
Art Director Resume Template

View this Resume on Behance

1 Page Resume Template

View the full project on Behance

Quirky Resume Template
Editorial Design Resume Template

View this Curriculum Vitae on Behance

Graphic Designer Resume Template
Discover more CV Designs…

If you liked this then you can find more Amazing Resume Templates / CV Templates on our Pinterest board: Not Your Average CVs as well as in previous blog posts, check these out… 15 Superb CV Examples13 Slick and Highly Professional CV Templates | 12 Brilliant CV Designs You’ll Want To Steal | 17 Awesome Examples of Creative CVs – Happy job hunting!

At Guru, we’re always interested in hearing from candidates who have crafted their own amazing job applications, please reach out via the contact page and we will happily feature you on the next CV blog 🙂.

Article updated 04/10/2021