Interview Advice For Employers… How To Be A Good Interviewer in 9 Simple Steps

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Interview Advice For Employers

A prepared and well-structured interview goes a long way towards engaging and securing the best talent. Mastering this crucial management skill is not an easy thing to do, so we have put together these 9 pointers to help you become expert interviewers…

1. Do your homework

Spend some time before the interview to read the candidate’s CV (no skim reading, cover to cover please) and compare it against your job spec. Ask a colleague to review both documents to gauge a second opinion and to help spot strengths and weaknesses.

2. Put candidates at ease

Welcome your candidate, introduce yourself and offer them a drink. Questions like: “Did you find the office OK?” & “Did it take you long to get here?” are good ice breakers.

Interview Advice For Employers

3. Start with a discovery session

Find out whether your candidate has done their homework with opening questions like “What do you know about us” & “What do you know about the role”. These are good starting questions and will help you discover early on which candidates have done their research and who is keen to impress.

4. Sell your company

It is likely your candidate (if good) has other interviews and options available to them, therefore it is important for you to give a good impression. Pitch your company, the role, your amazing history, future ambitions, give a tour (if you need to) – just make sure they love what they hear!

Interview Advice For Employers

5. Question Time

Ask questions which are relevant and meaningful to your business. Whether you go down the Google interviewing route or something more mainstream, either way keep the questions the same for each interview so you can benchmark the performance of each candidate.

6. Be all ears

Give your candidates the chance to speak, express themselves and answer your questions in full. Refrain from interrupting, listen to answers and summarise what is said back to the candidate to ensure both parties are clear.

7. Remember to ask… “do you have any questions”

Give your candidate the chance to address anything that is important to them which might not have been covered.

8. End on a lighter note

Ask about out-of-work activities, what they have planned for the rest of the day and let them know when they can expect notification of the outcome.

9. Review

Assess how the interview went, if you like the candidate move quick, it is common for the best candidates to get snapped up (The Lifespan of an Active Jobseeker).

Interview Advice For Employers

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