See How Professionals React At Being Asked To Work For Free

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Architects don’t give away their blueprints. Diners don’t fork out free meals. Personal Trainers don’t sign over their intellectual property.  So why should anyone in the creative industry work for free or “on spec”?  Creative Agency Zulu Alpha Kilo pokes fun at the speculative bidding process highlighting this point perfectly…

This is not the first time we have discussed the idea of working for free, but it is a prominent and frequent debate within the creative industry. Many Web Designers, Graphic Designers, Illustrators, Creative Directors etc. struggle to receive the same respect as professionals in other industries, like lawyers, bankers, architects etc.

Zak Mroueh, Chief Creative Officer & Founder of Zulu Alpha Kilo has strong feelings on this… “Spec work remains entrenched in our industry. It’s an antiquated practice that has been part of the creative world since the Mad Men era. It’s a cog in the increasingly bureaucratic procurement machine. ” Zak continues… “As our video shows, other professions don’t work for free, so why are we signing away our ideas? Like the guy in our video says, “Who would ever agree to that?””.

Watch the video above and join the conversation: #SayNoToSpec